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The following websites have been selected to show examples of art and craft related internet resources, and should not be read as any type of endorsement whatsoever.

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“These are a few of my favourite things . . .”
Sources of tactile bits and pieces

Flat squeakers - craft shops and online at a variety of places, for example www.lainesworld.co.uk
Give that mouse a voice!

Self-adhesive felt - craft shops and online at a variety of places, for example www.fun2do.co.uk
Useful for making animal shapes, etc on paper or card as it sticks really well.

Music buttons - craft shops and online at a variety of places, for example www.craftdepot.co.uk
A selection of sound buttons and one you can record yourself are available from Build-A-Bear Workshops (see www.buildabear.co.uk for branches or to buy on-line).

A variety of tunes, nursery rhymes, growls, etc.  Fabric can be sewn over them to attach them to the page of a fabric book.

Plastic canvas - craft shops and online at a variety of places, for example www.hobbycraft.co.uk
Useful for stiffening the pages of a fabric book as it is pliable and lightweight.

Plastic food - www.replica.co.uk
Some of the flatter items, eg biscuits or chocolate, can be stuck to the page. Many are incredibly realistic.  They can also be vacuum formed successfully (unlike real chocolate . . .)

Kite fabric - craft shops, fabric shops. 
Some is thicker and rustles (eg for leaves);  some is very thin and slippery and useful for containing small items which would otherwise be a choking hazard, eg Jack’s magic beans.

Rubber car mats - anywhere which sells car parts and accessories.
These come in a variety of tactile patterns and can be cut into small squares and used for matching or ‘odd one out’ games in books.  They also have a very rubbery smell, which some people like a lot.

Large beads - the cheapest way to buy these in quantity is to get hold of a beaded car seat cover.  Otherwise a haberdashery or craft shop.
Useful in abacus style counting books, or for matching or ‘odd one out’ games.

Scourers - pound shops and kitchenware shops, or markets.
Provide a good rough texture where this is needed. Avoid the ones impregnated with soap!

Plastic foliage - pound shops.  Plastic Christmas wreaths provide lots of different leaves and berries.
Items from dismantled wreaths also may have holes in the stems, making it easier to attach them to the page. Leaves and spruce twigs can represent whole trees or forests in, for example, Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Bears or a book about Christmas.

Bells - craft shops, haberdashers, etc.
Bells come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they all have their own distinctive sound, which is another way of enjoying the difference between large and small.  Note that the conventional bells sold in craft shops, if sewn to the page with ordinary thread, may cut through it as their metal loops are quite sharp.

Spiders and snakes - joke shops and toy shops.
Buy one of each and you are half way to completing a book of items beginning with the letter S.  Or a big spider and a small one could feature in a book about sizes.

UK Online Craft Shops

Art Discount
UK art and craft supplies

Clark Craft arts and craft supplies
UK based online store selling arts and crafts supplies, including knitting and needlework supplies.

Craft Depot
UK based craft catalogue with some products available for purchase online

Do Art
UK based online art and craft shop

Online haberdashery supply store

Allegedly the UK’s largest online craft superstore, selling a wide range craft materials with information about craft techniques

Laine's Floral Art and Hobby Craft Shop
Scotland based online store, with a wide range of craft materials for many purposes

Liz's Crafts
UK based online store containing a range of craft products for card making and scrapbooking


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Online Craft Directories

UK and international lists of craft shops, both web based and regular shops.

Craft Site Directory
Directory of craft websites, organised by craft type

Craft World Online
Directory of craft websites, organised by craft type

Early Childhood Links - Art and Craft Stores
Directory of craft suppliers for making things with and for children

Google Directory - Craft shops
Google directory search for craft supplies

UK Craft Websites
UK directory of websites and shops related to craft making and supplies. Also gives details about courses and has a ‘Crafts Forum’ for discussion on crafts

Yahoo Directory - Craft supplies
List of craft equipment and supplies sites

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