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Tactile Book Advancement Group (TBAG )


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The following websites have been selected to show tactile book related internet resources, and should not be read as any type of endorsement whatsoever

Tactile books
UK online craft shops

Online craft directories

Tactile Books

FORCE Foundation - works to provide the ever-growing number of blind and visually impaired children and adults in the developing world with (school) books, newspapers and magazines in alternative formats

Huggable books from Zuza Books


Tactile picture books in Sweden

Les Doigts Qui Revent a rich source of tactile books in French

Touch the world - handmade tactile books from the Czech Republic

Katsumi Komagata Storybooks using various paper textures and colours. There are surprises waiting behind each page and additional shapes are delicately cut into the paper, making the scenes three-dimensional.

Vers Pa Tvers by Anette Diesen, Norway.This book is available to buy from the publisher: Solum forlag, Post Box 140 Skøyen, NO-0212 OSLO, NORWAY,  E-mail   Phone: +47 22 50 04 00.  Fax: +47 22 50 14 53. 
(Norwegian print and braille text only)

USA and Canada
American Printing House children's books and games

Creating Tactile Books from American Foundation for the Blind - a guide on how to do it

Literacy and pre-braille skills from Perkins Scout and more for everyone on their home page

Project Salute - "Reading" and "creating" tactile representations of real life experiences that are permanent for the child to access

Ideas for adapting a mainstream book to make it tactile - from Pre-kindergarten

Tactile books from (USA)

Creating and Using Tactile Experience books for Young Children With Visual Impairments by Sandra Lewis and
Joan Tolla

Tactile books from Tactile Vision (Canada)

Where's my ball - A tactile book to buy from Canada

Feelix Library of books for visually impaired children in Australia

Making tactile books in Australia

Tactile book research in Australia


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UK Online Craft Shops

Art Discount
UK art and craft supplies

Clark Craft arts and craft supplies
UK based online store selling arts and crafts supplies, including knitting and needlework supplies.

Craft Depot
UK based craft catalogue with some products available for purchase online
Online haberdashery supply store
Allegedly the UK’s largest online craft superstore, selling a wide range craft materials with information about craft techniques

Laine's Floral Art and Hobby Craft Shop
Scotland based online store, with a wide range of craft materials for many purposes

Liz's Crafts
UK based online store containing a range of craft products for card making and scrapbooking

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Online Craft Directories

UK and international lists of craft shops, both web based and regular shops.

Craft Site Directory
Directory of craft websites, organised by craft type

Craft World Online
Directory of craft websites, organised by craft type

Early Childhood Links - Art and Craft Stores
Directory of craft suppliers for making things with and for children

Google Directory - Craft shops
Google directory search for craft supplies

Yahoo Directory - Craft supplies
List of craft equipment and supplies sites

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Welcome : Prizewinning tactile books : Publishers guidelines : Making books : Buying Books :
Borrowing Books : Snippets : Questions : Diary : Contacts : Links