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Title: Traffic Jamboree

Author: Sue Nicholson, Christyan Fox

Publisher: Campbell Books

Price: £6.99

Cover: Board

ISBN: 0333965736

Width: 26cm

Height: 23cm

No. Pages: 14

Synopsis: There all sorts of quirky animals and noisy vehicles crammed into this traffic jam! Little readers will love meeting the naughty monkeys travelling in the nee-nah fire engine, and the slinky seals balancing on the toot-toot motorbike, to name but a few! This is a lavish touch-and-feel counting book, with gorgeous textures to stroke on both pages of each spread, plus a surprise lift-the-flap on the final page. Join in with the beep-beeps and baa-baas to meet a madcap melange of animals...and find out exactly what it is that's been holding them up!

Category: Activity Books

Range: 4

Consistency: 5

Suitability: Unusually for a mainstream counting book, there is the correct number of tactile items to be counted on each page.(10 to 1).

Available from: Amazon.co.uk (direct link)

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