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Title: Snow Bear

Author: Piers Harper

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

Price: £4.99

Cover: Hard

ISBN: 1405019298

Width: 31cm

Height: 31cm

No. Pages: 32

Synopsis: On the first day of spring, Little Snow Bear leaves his den and Mother Bear to venture out into a world of ice and snow. As he travels he makes lots o new animal friends. But soon it grows dark and he begins to miss his mother. How will he ever find his way home?

Category: Characters & Series

Range: 1

Consistency: 5

Suitability: Large hard back picture book about young animals having simple adventures. Large areas of each illustration use a uniform tactile. Graphics difficult. No Braille. Full picture book story text. Fun, but limited use.

Available from: Amazon.co.uk (direct link)

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