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Title: In My House

Author: Susan Hood, Angie Sage

Publisher: Lamaze Childrens Books

Price: £3.72

Cover: Hard

ISBN: 1567998941

Width: 19cm

Height: 18cm

No. Pages: 14

Synopsis: Touch and Feel board book with soft cloth piping border. Part of the Lamaze range of books for nine months and up, which encourage baby's developmental milestones. At this stage, baby recognizes familiar objects and family members, may be able to name objects, and even use one or two words, tries to turn pages, and to imitate sounds and gestures, plays peek-a-boo and likes interaction with flap books, reacts to textures, sounds and emotional tones.

Category: Fiction

Range: 4

Consistency: 4

Suitability: This is more interesting from a tactile point of view than most children’s novelty books.

Available from: Amazon.co.uk (direct link)

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