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Books with some tactile content from mainstream publishers

Specialist Tactile Books and Mainstream Novelty Books

There are very few books you can buy which have been designed and produced especially for children with a visual impairment.  We have listed possible sources of these specialist tactile books below and would be glad to receive any further suggestions. 

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

Accessible Images books, 10 titles are already available, and are all detailed in the RNIB shop

The current titles are:

British Water Birds
Crop Circles
Dangerous Creatures - Book 1
Household Objects
Harry Potter (images inspired by the JK Rowling books) - Books 1 and 2
Mythical and Legendary Creatures - Book 1
Transport - Book 1
Wild Animals - Book 1

Each book consists of 6 coloured large print and tactile (swell paper) images with a description in large print or grade 2 braille.

RNIB stock a small range of tactile books for children including six FingerFun books available in either Grade 1 or Grade 2 braille.

These are simple stories in large print with bold black and white illustrations and a robust, brightly-coloured thermoform (plastic) illustration of an everyday object at every page opening.

100 copies of the winning books in the European Tactus Tactile Book Competition are produced in English and sold through RNIB each year at the subsidised price of £10 each.

Contact details
RNIB Online shop tactile books
Email :
Tel:       0303 123 9999

Olive Cowen

Olive Cowen leads a small team of volunteers who produce tactile versions of mainstream children’s picture books. These books contain detailed tactile illustrations using real objects and textures. A small quantity of each title is produced and books cost £6-£15.

Contact details
Olive Cowen, 3 The Range, Silver Street, Ely, Cambridge CB7 4JD

Dickory Dock Designs

Dickory Dock Designs sells a Daisy Counting Book which was designed for visually-impaired children.

The books is made of brightly-coloured washable fabric; counters and objects can be moved from page to page to provide a variety of counting activities. Price c. £35.

Contact details
Tel: 01484 689619

Bag Books

Bag Books sell tactile/multi-sensory story packs designed for children and young people with severe and multiple disabilities, including visual impairment.

Contact details
Bag Books, 1 Stewart's Court, 218-220 Stewart's Road, London SW8 4UB

Tel: 020 7385 4021

I read with my hands
A series of tactile graphic books, educational games and activities for blind and visually impaired children
by Lynette Rudman

Tactile Vision Inc. - Canadian

Some reasonably priced little books with simple raised-line illustrations are available from Tactile Vision Inc in Canada.  Some of these books are also available from the Fife Society for the Blind online shop.

National Braille Press - Boston, USA
Children's books - education and fun

Sense Toys
Fabric tactile book with a different texture on each page

Rehabmart (USA)
Raised line colouring books and other things

You can find more information via our links page

If you know of a source that sells children's tactile books please contact us

Books with some tactile content from mainstream publishers

Some novelty board books from mainstream publishers have enough varied and meaningful tactile elements to make them worth trying with children who cannot see the printed pictures. We have identified some of these mainstream books with tactile content below but there are many more.

Details were submitted by people who have used these books with blind or partially sighted children with varying success, and are listed to show what is possible, not be read as an endorsement of any book, author or publisher.


Author / Illustrator


Guide Price (2008)

This is my Monster Sam Taplin, Matsumi Furukawa Fiction £8.99
Terrible Trolls Delphine Durand Fiction £9.99
Diggers Fiona Watt, Rachel Wells Fiction £6.39
Follow the Line Barrie Wade, Maggie Moore Fiction £3.99
Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings Matthew Van Fleet Activity Books £8.99
Goodnight, Poppy Cat Lara Jones Fiction £3.99
In My House Susan Hood, Angie Sage Fiction £3.72
Little Lamb Piers Harper Characters and Series £4.79
Little Owl Piers Harper Characters and Series £4.79
Look and Explore: Quack! Quack! Not Specified Fiction £4.99
Pat the Bunny Dorothy Kunhardt Activity Books £4.68
Rough Road Kate Davis, Bob Filipowich Activity Books £5
Snow Bear Piers Harper Characters and Series £4.99
Spot's Touch and Feel Book Eric Hill Fiction £4.99
Teatime Beasties Katherine Redfern Characters and Series £3.99
Ten Little Ladybirds Melanie Gerth, Laura Huliska-Beith Activity Books £7.19
That's Not My Dinosaur F. Watt, R. Wells Fiction £4.99
The Enormous Turnip Ronne Randall, Emma Dodd Fiction £3.99
The Little Red Hen Ronne Randall, Emma Dodd Fiction £3.99
Touch & Feel: Wild Animals Deni Brown Characters and Series £3.99
Touch, Feel and Say: Puppy and Friends Not Specified Characters and Series £3.99
Traffic Jamboree Sue Nicholson, Christyan Fox Activity Books £6.99
Trucks Fiona Watt, Rachel Wells Fiction £6.39
Twinkle, twinkle, little star Geraldine Taylor, Jillian Harker, Nick Sharratt Activity Books £4.99

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